Hi! My name is Alyson. I am a mom to a toddler daughter and a physical therapist.
I became a physical therapist because I think the human body is incredible and fascinating. Physical therapy allows me to empower individuals with the tools to restore their own body back to optimal physical wellness. In other words, I find it very fulfilling to help people help themselves :).
Throughout my career I have worked with adults and children (with their parents) in hospital and outpatient settings. As I became a mother almost 2 years ago now, I fell even more in love with working with children and their families. I have found a new passion for child development as I have watched my own daughter grow and evolve before my eyes.
My priorities also shifted when my daughter was born. I love my career but I also did not want to be away from my daughter as much as before. This internal struggle was layered with guilt and grief and bewilderment. However it also inspired me to find a work-life balance that would make me feel like my best self - as a woman, as a physical therapist and as a mom.
With lots of soul searching, I discovered that working part-time and having more time at home with my daughter was my ultimate goal. I began to explore ways that I could share my knowledge with other parents and caregivers, from home and with flexibility.
So this is when mobilitymom.com was born.
I will admit it was scary to start a blog, as someone who is truly technologically challenged. I for sure had moments of doubt and regret as I stared wide eyed at the WordPress dashboard. But with my work-life goals in mind and a lot of stubbornness, I made it happen!
Mobilitymom.com is a blog where my passion for physical therapy and being a mother collide. My aim is to provide meaningful advice and useful tools for moms, parents and caregivers regarding physical wellness and child development. I hope mobilitymom.com can be an empowering resource for families as we all make our way through the bewildering years of parenting.